Plastics in Automotive Engineering, the international VDI conference in Mannheim is throwing light on the themes of interior, exterior, simulation, materials/technologies, engine and technics and, of course, lightweight design since 40 years. But also younger topics of Industry 4.0 or 3D printing also moves into the focus of discussion.

Lightweight design, resource efficiency, and consumer benefits as adjusting screws for new vehicle developments

Plastics today are rendering valuable services to lightweight technical design in body construction and mounted parts. Body structures using carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics are opening up new dimensions in vehicle lightweighting. In the case of mounted body components, engineering plastics are in many cases making geometrically sophisticated shapes possible as well as particularly cost-effective component solutions thanks to integrative production processes – not only in cars but also in commercial vehicles.

Hardly any other material can compete with plastic as regards efficiency, flexibility and functionality. Due to its properties in production and processing we can tailor plastic materials precisely to requirements in terms of design, comfort and pleasant ambience. When you consider that vehicles, both cars and commercial vehicles, are regarded less and less as simply a means of covering a distance but are also places of work, these are aspects which are becoming increasingly important.

  • Meet the full chain of raw material producers, plastics producers, and also machinery manufacturers
  • Experience the latest models from the automakers in the accompanying motor show
  • Take advantage of the opportunity for participating in technical discussions at the physical object itself

The target group of the Plastics in Automotive Engineering conference

  • All decision-makers along the value chain
  • Research and development
  • Scientific staff of universities and research institutes

Focus on commercial vehicles: the VDI's Plastics in Commercial Vehicles conference

Parallel with the annual international conference, Plastics in Automotive Engineering, the VDI conference Plastics in Commercial Vehicles is held in. It offers commercial vehicle manufacturers an insight into the world of cars and an exchange of expertise with more than 1500 participants at the conference.



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New industrial-scale production processes for thermoplastic fiber-reinforced polymer parts,

Dr.-Ing. M. Ehleben, Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg




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